Greenland Rolling Developer

Sunday 29th September 2024 – £60 per person

This September Moray Kayaking welcomes the ‘gentle paddler’ Lorna Dixon whose philosophy of paddling is intrinsically linked to the Greenland style.

This is a one day developer programme with around four hours of coaching at Findhorn Yacht Club. Depending on the individual needs this may focus on further development of the standard roll or progressing to forward finishing rolls. Candidates can bring their own kayak and learn how best to adjust their positioning to achieve the best roll, or use the kayaks provided. The same applies for paddles.

The day can also be combined to a full weekend combining the ‘Art of Greenland Rolling‘ taster course on Saturday 28th September 2024.

Lorna enjoys demystifying the art of rolling and helping paddlers discover the fun and relaxation that can be found in gentle paddling and rolling techniques. Lorna’s interest in these techniques developed having spent time paddling in East Greenland and seeing first hand the communities and environments where these paddling techniques developed. Lorna believes Greenland techniques now offer us calm and efficient reliable ways to paddle and roll. As a mum of two and a geographer/ environmentalist, Lorna is an advocate of blue health benefits for people and planet, no matter how young or old. She uses Greenland techniques and gentle paddling opportunities as part of her toolkit that can support people to access and appreciate our amazing coastal environments. 

Moray Kayaking coach, Ali Garrow, will be assisting Lorna with a programme of learning developed this Spring with Greenland legends Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson in Portland, Maine. Focussing on both dry-land drills and supported practice in the water, candidates will not only learn the mechanics of the Greenland roll, but will understand how to support one another moving forward with practice.

Cheri and Turner can be found on

The overall aim of this workshop is to further develop your Greenland rolling including forward finishing rolls. You will learn some drills which will help you consolidate your skills at home.